The National Confederation of Active Seniors (CONFEMAC) is a non-profit, state-wide associative entity of older persons’ entities established in 2003.

Our main aim is to encourage active ageing. Once the working career is over, we encourage people to stay active and useful in society.

We make the value of experience a reality: we specialise in promoting active ageing as a complement to a more frequent active ageing. The best known active ageing characterizes by providing older people with many leisure activities and spare time. Thus, we could call it ‘RECEIVING active ageing’, as older people RECEIVE services. This is highly positive and private entities as well as public administrations promote it. We know that there are also people who want to continue to be useful and to take part not only as receivers of services. That is why we focus on promoting an active ageing we call EMISOR, consisting in encouraging older people's participation in actions useful to society, as well as beneficial to their own personal development.

Our spheres of action are the following:

  • Raising awareness: we believe in the value of experience. That is why we foster an active, dynamic and productive image of the older people in society.
  • Volunteering: our flagship program is ‘Volunteering Older People’, summarised in three words: inviting, training and coordinating. We host the Volunteering Resource Centre in Andalusia supporting other entities that want to manage volunteering projects.
  • Intergenerationality: we make the value of experience a reality by managing five intergenerational programs: ‘Experience and youth, fostering entrepreneurship’, ‘Intergenerational Experience Workshop’, ‘Volunteering to educate in participation and solidarity from experience ‘, ‘Showing other horizons’ and ‘Sharing life stories’.
  • Abuse prevention: we conduct talks on elder abuse prevention. We organise conferences against abuse and towards an excellence in treatment. We also manage the Helpline Phone against Elder Abuse for the whole of Spain.
  • Personal development: we impart wide panoply of courses promoting people’s knowledge and personal development after retirement.
  • Training professionals: we teach courses to gerontological professionals, mainly in active ageing. We also collaborate with universities in the internships of undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Research: we often take part in research conducted to enhance older people’s quality of life and to highlight the importance of what they mean to society.